The main purpose of this web site is to promote the aerial photography as well as the unknown beauty of Greece from the sky.

The website was created by the pilot Mademlis John and the webmaster Athanasiadis Athanasios who is responsible for the design of the site.

In the beginning we were planning to include only aerial photos of Serres, but after suggestions from fellow-pilots we decided to expand our photo gallery with pictures provided by them from other areas of Greece that are further away from us.

Our aim is to gradually capture every area of Greece. For the photos of the regional unitof Serres and some other areas of northern Greece we used the Ultralight aircraft ICP Savannah MXP-740 that belongs to the aero club of Serres. The rest of the pictures are taken using light, single engine aircraft, private or hired from various aero clubs around Greece. is open to anyone with aerial photos from Greece that wants to share them with us and our visitors. We are waiting for your photos!

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